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Progradebook.com was created by a public high school teacher excited about the idea of proficiency- and standards-based grading, but was overwhelmed by the paperwork.

The gradebook is currently in the beta stage of development. All are welcome to use the grade book for free. Please create an account by clicking here: Create Grade Book Account

Progradebook.com Features
  • Standards Based Progress Reports
  • Graphical Reports
  • Parent & Student Web Access
  • Paperless Classroom Support
  • Administrator Access
  • Standards Based Grading
  • Proficiency Levels
  • Easily Customizable
  • Power Law Grade Calculation
  • Free! Create Account

Detailed Standards-Based Progress Reports

Student progress reports are broken down by standard with their current proficiency level. Each row shows the standard, the student's scores associated with the standard, and their proficiency level.

Graphical Progress Reports

Individual student progress can be displayed graphically to examine student's growth toward proficiency in each standard over time.

Student and Parent Online Access

Teachers can quickly and easily provide students and parents with individualized usernames and passwords to access progress reports online. Teachers can then make documents available to students electronically - no need to print handouts. Also, teachers can allow students to submit documents electronically, making a paperless classroom a reality.

Customizable Grade Scales and Proficiency Levels

Progradebook.com allows you to create your own grade scales for individual assignments, overall grade, and levels of proficiency. You can set the cut-offs, letter grades, and levels like 'Meets', 'Exceeds' and 'Nearly Meets' to suit your classroom.

Power Law Grade Calculation

Research indicates that using the power law to calculate student's current proficiency level is more accurate than the old-fashioned average, click here for an example: average versus power-law. Progradebook.com gives you the option, on a standard-by-standard basis, to use the Power Law, the strict average, or to automatically select the method that is most beneficial to each student.

Class Import Functions

Import your classes and students from your school's information system.

Import State Standards

Easily add the standards for your state and level to your classes with a few clicks.

And More...

We're continuing to add new functions and features to Progradebook.com all the time. Our goal is to create the most function, feature rich proficiency- and standards-based grade book on the market. Please give it a try and let us know what you think, your feedback is very important to making Progradebook.com better. Create Grade Book Account

Progress Reports
Student Proficiency Report

Graphical Proficiency Results
graphical proficiency report

Grid view and score entry
Tabular score view and entry

Score Distribution Graphs
Score Distribution

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